Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oprah's Suggestion To Declutter by Donating Stuff to Charity

Guest Blogger: Helen Ng, Marketing & Communications

One of Oprah’s recommendations in yesterday’s Clean Up Your Messy House Tour episode is to declutter your home by donating unwanted household stuff to charities. I think it is a great idea and wanted to share a valuable local resource with everyone.

Before packing your car with stuff to haul off to a charitable organization, donate smart by checking out the helpful online Donating Auto and Goods section of the Charities Review Council’s Web site at You can narrow searches by the type of item to donate, pick-up or drop-off availability and geographic location. This way, you can be sure of which charity accepts what items and not waste time and gas unnecessarily.

Please keep in mind that charities need goods, not trash therefore donate items that are in good and useable condition. Otherwise, charities will have to spend precious resources in trash removal of unusable donated items, money that would otherwise be spent on programs and services.

Happy decluttering!


the original finger said...

like the lesson in toy story 3 said "Let go of the the things that you are not supposed to hold on.They made you happy once,but maybe this time, they’ll make someone happier."

The Finger

Helen Ng said...

So very true and a good philosophy to live life by. Thanks for the comment. Love toy story 3!


Julia Krey said...

Another good idea is to give the things you no longer use to friends or family - it feels good to give to people you love and easier to part with stuff you like.