Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

Thank you for being an informed giver throughout this past year and supporting the Charities Review Council’s mission to mobilize informed donors and accountable nonprofits for the greater good.

For your New Year’s resolution, you can become an even more informed giver! Join our Facebook page and recruit your friends. Sign up for our monthly e-newsletters and create a “My Smart Giver” page to invite more of your favorite charities to go through an Accountability Wizard review.

We hear from many smart givers by phone, letter, or email, and we are pleased to hear that you value the services we provide. Please continue to spread the word on our cause so we can continue to offer these resources. We also appreciate the generous financial support that helps us carry on this important work, and we encourage you to remember us in your year-end giving. You can donate online at

Thank you and Happy Holidays from the staff at the Charities Review Council.

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