Monday, August 29, 2011

Social Media Resources for Nonprofits

We are always adding to our Online Resource section, and today we’ve added some helpful information about social media use for nonprofits!

With the pervasive use of social media over the past few years, many nonprofits have embraced the pros and cons of the medium and added social networking strategies to their marketing, communications, and fundraising departments. It's key to know how to use social networking responsibly; whether your nonprofit is still getting started or already actively using different social platforms.

Here at the Council, we actively use social media and we’ve noticed other organizations’ surfacing questions about how to best, and safely, use these tools for their own purposes.

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of online resources to help nonprofits feel comfortable effectively using social media.

Our social media online resource guide includes links to:
  • Explanations of why social media policies are necessary and examples of policies (we even share our own internal social media policy!)
  • Thoughts on best practices and how to evaluate if your social networking is doing what you want it to do
  • Broad overviews of the social networking movement
  • Specifics about each of the major social media tools

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