Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Using Twitter Smart: Lists of nonprofit thought leaders

Most organizations use or are told to use social networking sites. And most know why: share information with constituents, increase brand awareness, promote services, follow other interesting people, and the reasons go on.

At the Charities Review Council, one of the main ways we utilize Twitter is to follow other thought leaders in our cause space: nonprofit capacity building. By following sector leaders, trend spotters, and nonprofit news sources, we’re able to stay on top of major nonprofit happenings in one single place.

While that might sound all well and dandy, in reality with 72% of nonprofits having a presence on Twitter, there’s a lot of information floating around—some good and useful, some not so much. We follow over 1,800 Twitter accounts and sifting through our main feed can be daunting.

We’ve created a few public Twitter lists to help us organize our followers and access the information we need quickly. 

Our three main lists:

Nonprofit Thought Leaders—this is a list of individuals who are leaders in the nonprofit and civic-engagement spaces and tweeting their journey along the way: executive directors, leadership staff, and up-and-coming sector superstars.

Nonprofit News—here you’ll find some great organizations (and some individuals) who consistently share insightful information about the nonprofit sector at large.

Reviewed Nonprofits—this is a list of nonprofits currently meeting all of our Accountability Standards and have earned our Meets Standards seal.

We hope these lists are helpful to you or your organization and we know our lists are far from complete—we’ve probably overlooked a lot of great organizations and individuals. So please, if you know of any accounts we should add to our lists, let us know in the comments!

Happy tweeting!

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