Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Have Something to Say About the Accountability Standards?

The Charities Review Council is excited to be launching an annual rolling review of the Accountability Standards®! This will be a continued initiative where 5-7 of the Standards will be reviewed every year. We’ll refresh and present our cutting edge Accountability Standards® each January, and the revised Standards will be applied to new reviews that year. (Note to nonprofits: Don’t worry! Not every Accountability Standard will change, and you’ll still only have to renew every three years).

You’ve seen our Meets Standards Seal®, but did you know that in order to meet Standards, an organization must first achieve positive results on more than 27 carefully researched measures? We work hand-in-hand with nonprofits to ensure that they have to tools and resources to build their internal strength through the Accountability Standards®.

“Recognizing that the world is ever-changing, the Charities Review Council is committed to annually reviewing the Accountability Standards. We want to help nonprofit organizations thrive in that world, while ensuring that donors feel confident that the Standards are relevant in terms of current trends and conditions,” said Patty Wilder, Vice Chair of the Council’s Board of Directors.

The Council wants to make sure that both nonprofits and donors have a strong voice in determining what the Accountability Standards® look like. We are committed to continuously improving and building shared agreement about which standards are important to the common good, and which standards indicate a truly strong organization.

As an informed and invested donor or nonprofit professional, you can work with us to strengthen the way we support the nonprofit sector by participating in a survey that will inform the Standards Review process.

This is a team effort. We know we don’t have all the answers, so we need your help. Tell us about what it means to be a strong and smart nonprofit. Tell us what informs your giving decisions. Tell us how we can build strong, shared standards that the whole community can stand behind.

Find out more about the annual rolling review of Standards, and participate in our online survey and be entered to win some great giveaways - all to improve the nonprofit community.

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