Thursday, November 14, 2013

Be a Super Giver Today: Nonprofitopolis Needs a Hero like You!

Here at Charities Review Council, we spend a lot of our time fighting the ‘good fight’ of supporting strong nonprofits and connecting them to smart givers. But usually we do that while sitting behind our desks, convening groups of nonprofits and donors, providing advice to donors over the phone, offering technical assistance to nonprofits, or pounding away on our keyboards.  Not today.

Today, we’re revealing that we at the Charities Review Council are, in fact, super heroes. Super Giving Heroes™ to be more specific. We’re led by our fearless leader, Super Kris, and we will stop at nothing to bring prosperity, good governance, and sound infrastructure to Nonprofitopolis.

Will you join the Super Giving Heroes™ and help us give Nonprofitopolis the heroic support it needs? By donating to Charities Review Council and to one or more of your favorite organizations meeting Standards today, you’ll power up your donation and help us all! Indeed, when donors and nonprofits work together, we can truly mobilize the common good!

After all, “With great giving to Charities Review Council and to a strong nonprofit comes great impact on our community.”  

Let us know you are a #supergiver by telling us on Twitter which organization meeting Standards you donated to today, and why.

Stay tuned for updates on how we’re saving Nonprofitopolis!

Want to know how else you can be a super giver on Give to the Max Day? Watch this week’s KARE11 News segment featuring (Super) Kris (in her everyday gear): 

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