Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 10 Signs You Work at Charities Review Council

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we’re spreading some Smart Givers love with this list of common Charities Review Council staff quirks and characteristics. So with that, you know you are a Charities Review Council staffer if:

10. You look up every nonprofit you hear about to see if it’s on the list of the Most Trustworthy Nonprofits.

9. You love to collaborate with community members, both in person and online (twitter FTW!), and you always do it with 'building the pie,' and 'rising the tide' in mind.

8. You geek out over any news story related to nonprofit and donor relationships…especially if it’s on MPR.

7. You take every opportunity to clarify the intent of the Overhead Ratio and explain the importance of the Diversity and Inclusion Standard.

6. You ask your niece/nephew/brother/sister/cousin at least 10 questions about the cause for which they are selling candy bars/wrapping paper/magazines/wreaths.

5. You find yourself wrapped in a cozy blanket by mid-afternoon most days: lofted ceilings + exposed brick walls + big, bright windows + polar vortex = chilly, but awesome, new office.

4. Your friends and family always let you know when they’ve made a donation to a strong, impactful nonprofit - and you never tired of hearing about it!

3. You look forward to Tuesday staff meetings because it means time for sharing mission moments, sector moments, and halal, gluten-free treats.

2. You use words every day that most people only use once a year, calling it 'governance' when you actually mean 'great ways to lead' an organization.

1. You really, truly love witnessing the magic that happens when great nonprofits and generous donors come together to make a difference in our world.

Yes, we love nonprofits, community building, current events, and sharing ideas. We love working with each other and our highly-engaged board members and volunteers. We love getting to know new people and welcoming them into our Smart Givers family.

(Pssst! Can you relate to this list? Want to get in on the love? You can be part of the Council community by joining one of our committees, participating in a focus group, or volunteering for one of our special projects.)

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