Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Introducing Accountability Wizard 3.0!

You’ve seen our revised Accountability Standards, and now we have a brand new Accountability Wizard nonprofit assessment tool that will make our review process even more meaningful and beneficial to participants.

Charities Review Council launched new Accountability Wizard software, known as Accountability Wizard 3.0, on April 1, 2014. This proprietary cloud-based capacity building system is the only one in existence, specifically designed with the nonprofit user in mind.

The Accountability Wizard is a risk free learning tool and assessment where organizations partner with the Charities Review Council to measure and build their internal policies and practices in the areas of governance, fundraising, financial activity and public disclosure. The Charities Review Council works hand-in-hand with organizations until they have met all standards, earning them the Meets Standards seal and positioning organizations to better pursue their missions. These nonprofits are listed on our website, in our bi-annual Giving Guide, celebrated on social media, and recommended to donors via phone and email inquiries. The seal is a visual marker of nonprofit strength, and a great way for nonprofits to differentiate themselves, communicating their internal strength and impact to supporters.

Accountability Wizard 3.0 is more streamlined and user-friendly. You will find enhanced tools and resources on the sidebar of every page, linking you to additional information and sample policies to answer each question quickly and easily. We made improvements to the site navigation, allowing users to customize their experience to best fit their needs. Charities Review Council staff will also be available to provide technical assistance at the click of a button via an online messaging service. We are confident that these changes will improve the user experience and make the Accountability Wizard review process even more helpful, beneficial and accessible for nonprofits of all sizes.

“I found the new Accountability Wizard to be very easy to use. It was intuitive and the additional resources and supporting documents were extremely helpful and easy to find.” 
-Accountability Wizard Tester

Join Charities Review Council for a webinar on Tuesday, April 29 to see the Accountability Wizard demonstrated live, learn about its unique features, and get tips for using the new system.

We look forward to serving more nonprofits with Accountability Wizard 3.0! Interested in learning more about our review process? Visit our website for more information or contact us at 651-224-7030.

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