Friday, February 13, 2015

What We’ve Been Reading...

Here at Charities Review Council our staff enjoys keeping up-to-date with the valuable articles and resources circulating in the philanthropic sector. We wanted to share a few articles and resources with you that we’ve been reading recently: 

This article explores the ways in which we can all be philanthropists by donating our time and talent as well as treasure. The author begins by stating: “People say philanthropy is only for the rich. This is a lie.” In particular, the article stresses that even a smile constitutes what the authors calls “effective philanthropy.” This is an important reminder that contributing and having a positive impact in your community does not solely require money. The author ends with a question to his readers: “What do you have in plentiful supply? Think of how you can share it. Then start your career in philanthropy now.” 
The engaged relationship between board members and staff is an integral part of ensuring the success of a nonprofit organization. When asked by BoardSource, board chairs and chief executives evaluated their own boards, yielding the following results: “Boards earned a 2.65 or B- average — underwhelming results for the top leaders of their organizations and such high-achieving individuals […] The findings reveal that boards are generally better at technical tasks, such as financial oversight and compliance, than they are at adaptive work related to strategy and community outreach.” With these findings in mind, what changes do you think should be made to improve the work of nonprofit boards? 
This article draws attention to the emerging shift in nonprofit leadership from generations such as the baby boomers to millennials. The author details his assessments of what nonprofit board members can expect from a member of the millennial generation taking on a nonprofit CEO position, noting that “[a]s more millennials achieve nonprofit CEO status, their values and outlooks may disturb some of the older board members […] They and their millennial staffs can do a great deal to improve service to clients, in ways quite different than in the past.” Perhaps a few tidbits to keep in mind as increasing numbers of millennials join the nonprofit workforce and take on more leadership roles.
What have you been reading lately? Let us know if you come across an article or resource that you find particularly inspiring or educational!

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