Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Give with your Head and your Heart this Give to the Max Day!

Get your Giving Guides ready, Minnesota's 24-hour online give-a-thon. aka Give to the Max Day, is almost here! 

At Charities Review Council, we know that all donors are investors and that every precious dollar matters. That's why we're partnering with you in preparation for Give to the Max Day, to provide smart giving tips and our most up-to-date listing of Meets Standards® organizations, so that you can feel confident in your Give to the Max Day giving decisions.

What is Give to the Max Day? Give to the Max Day is Minnesota's 24-hour online give-a-thon, where generous donors, like you, celebrate giving by supporting causes you care about at GiveMN.org. Last year, more than 62,000 donors logged on to give more than 18 million dollars. That's huge!

Why should I participate? GiveMN's Give to the Max Day makes giving to your favorite causes easy and fun! Not so easily convinced? Here are our top 3 reasons why we know you'll love supporting your favorite Minnesota causes on Give to the Max Day:
  1. GOLDEN TICKETS: Every hour, GiveMN will be awarding one Golden Tickets of $1,000 through a random drawing of all donations transacted during the previous hour. So your $10 donation could turn into $1,000 for your favorite nonprofit! That's great, but it gets better. GiveMN will also be awarding one super-sized $10,000 Golden Ticket through a random drawing of all donations transacted on Give to the Max Day. So go ahead, grab your lucky socks and give to your favorite Minnesota causes for a chance to turn your gift of $10 (or more) into $10,000. 
  2. MATCHING GIFT: At Charities Review Council, we have a $5,000 board match, meaning that when you a make a gift of $10 or more your gift is DOUBLED with matching funds provided by our Board of Directors! (Applicable for the first $5,000 in donations.) 
  3. GIVER'S GLOW: Research shows that acts of philanthropy benefit the recipient and the giver! They call it giver's glow or helper's high. Join the "Great Minnesota Give Together," get your giver's glow and invite your friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers to do the same!
When is Give to the Max Day? Give to the Max Day is Thursday, November 12, 2015. Mark your calendar, set your alarm or schedule a donation right now! Give to the Max Day doesn't take place until the 12th, but you can schedule your gift now and still have it count towards the prizes outlined above.

To schedule your gift go to www.GiveMN.org.

Give with your head and your heart this Give to the Max Day! Giving to a nonprofit for the first time? Be a smart giver with these 3 easy steps.
  1. Whether it is finding a cure for cancer, like Meets Standards® organization Children's Cancer Research Fund, or finding loving homes for animals in need, like the Animal Humane Society, identify a worthy cause that aligns with your values and beliefs. 
  2. Once you've identified a cause, use our list of strong, trustworthy nonprofits to streamline your search and vetting process. Organizations on this list have partnered with us to align their policies, practices and procedures to widely accepted standards of nonprofit accountability and strength. Don't see an organization on our list? Contact our Nonprofit Services Team at 651-224-7030 for more information.  
  3. Check out the nonprofit's IRS Form 990 (Part III, Question 4 is a good starting point) to learn more about the organization's program activities. You can also take a look at the organization's mission statement, goals and accomplishments. Do they align with your values and interests? 
Equipped with the Give to the Max day details, smart giving tips and our list of strong, trustworthy nonprofits, you're ready to show off your "Minnesota Nice" by giving a gift to Charities Review Council and one (or more!) of your favorite Meets Standards® nonprofits on Thursday, November 12th.

Ready, set, GIVE! Go to www.GiveMN.org to get started.

Oh, and don't forget to share your giving story using the hashtags #SmartGiving and #GTMD15! Here's a sample tweet/Facebook post to get you started:

Twitter: Showing off my "MN Nice" with a gift to @smartgivers on Give to the Max Day! http://bit.ly/GIVE15 #GTMD15

Facebook: My "Minnesota Nice" went a long way today with a gift to Charities Review Council! A gift to the Council is like a gift to the whole nonprofit sector! http://bit.ly/GIVE15 #GTMD15 #StrengtheningNonprofits

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