Thursday, November 19, 2015

What We've Been Reading: 'Tis the Season of Giving Edition

'Tis the season of giving! Whether you're a nonprofit fundraising professional, a generous donor, or both we're here to help you prepare for the fast approaching year-end giving season by sharing what we've been reading this month. Articles include topics such as Give to the Max Day, Giving Tuesday, smart giving tips, and more!


Give to the Max Day wraps up, tops $18 million, by Jean Hopfensperger (Star Tribune)

The seventh annual, 24-hour online give-a-thon, Give to the Max Day brought in more than $18 million from a record-breaking 62,740 donors, benefiting more than 5,500 Minnesota nonprofits and schools. Whether nonprofits or schools "trotted out cute puppies, lip-synced songs, ran on treadmills, or built a kayak," Give to the Max Day illustrated, yet again, Minnesota's strong culture of philanthropy with donors and nonprofits working as engaged partners, for the greater good. Way to go, Minnesota! To read more on this record-breaking day, click here.

On Tap for Giving Tuesday: Collaboration, Creativity, and Revenue Growth, by Eden Stiffman (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a global day of philanthropy. Continuing to gain traction, Giving Tuesday raised $46 million for nonprofits last year, up from $38 million the year before. Here's a look at what's ahead and some advice for making the most out of this special giving holiday.

Tips for Giving This Holiday Season: 5-Step Checklist for Maximizing Year-End Donations (Charity Navigator)

As a generous donor and nonprofit supporter, this time of year often correlates to a mailbox full of heart-felt appeal letters, from hundreds of worthy causes. So, how do you choose? At Charities Review Council, we know that all donors are investors and that every precious dollar matters. That's why we love partnering with you to make smart giving decisions, using your head and your heart. Check out Charity Navigators 5-step checklist as a reminder for what to look for when making a giving decision. Click here to read more.

Tips and Tools to Maximize Year-End Giving (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

"According to Charity Navigator, 40 percent of all charitable donations in a given year come during the Giving Season," and according to the Network for Good, "From 2011 to 2014, December donations increased by 49 percent." As a nonprofit enthusiast, you've probably heard the statistics. So, now what? This article does the resource gathering for you! Take a look at the articles they've gathered to maximize your year-end giving strategy, here.

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